Instruments for Sale

Our store has a very large collection of violins, violas and cellos, including many that are made from beginning to end here in our shop, as well as modern and antique instruments made by luthiers from around the world. The instruments listed here are just  a small portion of the inventory we have at our shop in Mundelein, so please visit us to try our world class award winning instruments.Every instrument in our shop is crafted from well-seasoned wood, hand-selected for outstanding acoustic characteristics. At the zenith of our collection are the custom instruments made on site by our own Petio Kostov and Plamen Chavdarov. These expert luthiers draw on their training at the Chicago School of Violin Making, as well as 400 years of history and tradition to craft exceptional instruments that rival the quality of the finest antiques. We gladly accept commissions for new instruments, and invite the player to be involved in the making process at every point - from selecting the wood to the last details of the varnish.

Finding your instrument at Classic Violins

Choosing an instrument that you will play for many years is a very important decision. Every instrument is unique and each player is searching for an instrument that will allow them to fully realize their musical goals. We are committed to helping musicians find this instrument in our shop, and we offer several services to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Trial Period

When you schedule an appointment to try instruments, we will prepare several choices within your budget for you to play and evaluate in our trial room here at the shop. You are free to try as many or as few as you please. Once you have decided on an instrument, we offer a one-week free trial period so that you may have the opportunity to play it in different settings and for different people. If after a week you decide that the instrument is not the one for you, we will invite you to continue trying others in the shop. You can also feel free to bring instruments from other shops to compare with our selection. We are sure you will find our instruments to be incomparable! 


Qualified customers can take advantage of financing for instrument purchases. With a down payment of at least 30% of the price of the instrument, the rest of the balance may be paid in up to 6 interest-free monthly installments. 


All instruments sold by our shop are warranted for one year from the date of purchase. During this period we will replace or repair the bridge, sound-post, pegs, tuners, or chin rest if needed, free of charge. The warranty also covers certain adjustments needed to maintain proper playing condition of the instrument, such as bridge, sound-post, and string height adjustment. For as long as you own an instrument purchased from our shop you are entitled to free occasional check-ups. We recommend bringing the instrument for a check up at least once a year.  


If you are considering purchasing an instrument from our shop but do not live in the area, we are happy to ship instruments anywhere in the U.S. Please contact us with any questions.  

Trade-In Policy

We offer a generous trade-in option for potential buyers. You will be presented with a fair offer based on the overall quality and condition of your current instrument. Please inquire for more details.



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